Procedures of Limited Clinical Value

Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCGs) policy on ‘Procedures of Limited Clinical Value’ (PLCV).

Research evidence shows that some interventions are not clinically effective or only effective when they are performed in specific circumstances. The purpose of the Procedures of Limited Clinical Value (PLCV) policy is to clarify the commissioning intentions of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across Derbyshire. The CCG Commissioners only fund treatment for clinically effective interventions that are then delivered to the right patients. It sets out the treatments deemed to be of insufficient priority to justify funding from the available fixed budget.

This policy lists a number of procedures and services that the CCGs restrict funding for. Patients should only be referred for the procedures and services listed in this policy if they meet the eligibility set out.


Any Surgical intervention carries a risk, however small, to the patient.  These risks are increased in those who are overweight/obese, smoke or have poorly controlled long term conditions.  When surgery is planned this is a good opportunity to offer support to patients to stop smoking, reduce their weight and optimise treatment of long term conditions in order to reduce their risks and improve their recovery and other outcomes. This could be achieved by referral to an appropriate lifestyle service for help with obesity and smoking and working with healthcare professionals for management of long term conditions.

Procedures of Limited Clinical Value policies have been separated into each speciality which are found to the left.



PLCV Not routinely commissioned procedure list
The procedures listed are NOT routinely commissioned

Derby and Derbyshire CCG

Derby and Derbyshire CCG