Local Vaccination Service (e.g. PCN site)

COVID-19 Primary Care Vaccine handling and management policy 2020-2021


This is a model policy document to enable Primary Care Networks to implement good governance in the context of the safe and secure handling and management of COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID Vaccine Handling Policy Appendix 2 and 3 checklist


The above appendices are checklists for PCN sites.




NHS England Standard Operating Procedure: COVID-19 local vaccination services deployment in community setting

This standard operating procedure describes the operating model and design requirements for safe delivery of COVID-19 vaccines in the community.  The NHSE SOP has been updated to include advice on the 6th dose and Care home administration.


Care Home Vaccination Mobilisation Support Pack for PCNs 

Local Risk Assessment Guidance - Transfer of vaccine for vaccination of Care Home residents using COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca




For the National Contacts List please visit the Vaccination Programme page




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