5.1.5, 11.3
Grey, Amber, Green, Green - after consultant recommendation
Decision Date:
April 2017


GREEN: as per NICE Summary of antimicrobial prescribing guidance - managing common infections.

GREEN after consultant recommendation for longer periods for the treatment of cystic fibrosis.

Dosage for adults, children and adolescents with a body weight of 45 kg or over for long term:                      
  •  250mg - 500mg three times weekly.

AMBER: For use in adult respiratory infections. See Shared care for details. (Decision date - August 2022)

GREY (1.5% Eye drops) - alternative to chloramphenicol eye drops for purulent bacterial conjunctivitis. Suitable for use in pregnancy (Decision date - Sep 2022)

See Derbyshire medicines management - eye chapter  for further details.

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