Grey, Green
Decision Date:


GREEN: Twice daily MR preparations. MR preparations to be prescribed by brand (Zomorph most cost effective).

GREY: Once daily MR preparation - MXL. Reserved for use when twice daily MR preparations are not appropriate. (Decision date - March 2018)  

GREY: Morphine orodispersible - For exceptional use where risk assessment indicates (such as on discharge from DHCFT). For patients who are vulnerable through risk of harm to self or through confusion, chronic pain and at risk of intentional overdose (depression, EUPD), pain/palliative care and at risk of unintentional overdose (dementia, Alzheimer’s). (Decision date - August 2022)

Grey Drug Classifications

  • 2: Lack of data on safety compared with standard therapy

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Derby and Derbyshire ICB

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