Other useful guidelines

The following guidelines have been developed to provide general prescribing advice to prescribers across Derbyshire.

Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) Position Paper

Prescribing in primary care

Private prescribing in primary care guidance

Repeat prescription code of practice

Medicines in short supply code of practice

Medicines reconciliation after hospital discharge in primary care

Recording medicines prescribed by other healthcare providers

Multi-compartment aids (MCAs) - Derbyshire ICBs position statement

GP Request Form for Weekly (7 Day) Prescriptions - 7 day prescription requests to GPs

The supply of items for administration by DCHS nursing staff - DCHS NHS Trust and Derbyshire ICBs position statement

Summary of Lost, Stolen and Fraudulent Prescriptions procedure - NHS England (North Midlands) advice for GP Practices

Full procedure for Lost, Stolen and Fraudulent Prescriptions - NHS England (North Midlands) advice for GP Practices


Export of waste medicines

Rebate scheme process

List of rebate schemes

UKMi Medicines compliance aid database - This database makes recommendations on the suitability of solid dose forms for transfer from the manufacturers’ original packaging to multi-compartment compliance aids (MCAs).   

Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation - Enabling the best health outcomes through the optimal use of medicines

Commercial Sponsorship and Joint Working with the Pharmaceutical Industry Policy  

Agreement for collaborative working with non-NHS organisations

Agreement for non-NHS funding of educational events

Written Agreement for Donations and Grants

Derby and Derbyshire ICB

Derby and Derbyshire ICB

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