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Evidence-Based Interventions Programme

The Evidence-based Interventions Programme is an initiative led by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges to improve the quality of care.  

Created by both doctors and patients as the name suggests, it is designed to reduce the number of medical or surgical interventions as well as some other tests and treatments which the evidence tells us are inappropriate for some patients in some circumstances.  We also know that some times these interventions can do more harm than good. 

As well as improving outcomes it also means that we can free up valuable resources so they can be out to better use elsewhere in the NHS.  This is going to be more important than ever as the NHS recovers from the impart of Covid-19 and restores services. 

Resources to help health professionals, patients and the public understand the Evidence-Based Interventions Programme and the interventions that are currently included in the guidance can be found here >>>  


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