COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

This page contains generic documents relating to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination programme. 


Latest advice on the COVID Vaccine Allergy Advice & Guidance services 

The green book recognises that an allergy specialist advice is sought in specific patient groups.

There is now an updated local pathway for adults which has been developed based on the Green book for managing patients who have either a history of allergic reactions or who have allergic reactions to a previous dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

This service will be managed by the UHDB operating a Multi-Disciplinary Team model with specific allergy advice and guidance. 

Referrals must be made by using the referral template, and then submitted via the e-RS Advice & Guidance route. 

The service can be found under the specialty of 'Respiratory Medicine' and the clinic type of 'Allergy' and is an Advice and Guidance service only (under the priority of Routine). 


 The service name will be: CoViD Vaccine Allergy-ADVICE AND GUIDANCE ONLY

Children (U-18) who require allergy advice for Covid-19 vaccinations should be referred to local paediatricians via the standard referral process for our main providers.

Derbyshire Adult C19 Vaccine Allergy Service Guideline for clinicians 
Derbyshire Adult C19 Vaccine Allergy Service Referral Template


National Contacts List

Contacts List

Key Contacts for COVID vaccination sites

Key contacts for supply, ordering & delivery support, consumables, PPE and IT services

Key Contacts for Community Pharmacy sites

Key contacts for operational issues, consumables and IT queries
C19 Vaccine Incident Reporting Procedure  


National publications


COVID-19: the green book chapter 14a

NHSE COVID-19 vaccination programme (includes trust guidance, primary care guidance, equipment and consumables and links  to other organisation vaccine information)

NHSE COVID-19 guidance for clinicians and NHS managers

GOV.UK COVID-19 vaccination programme

Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS) COVID-19 vaccines

Future NHS Collaboration Platform (requires registration)

E-learning for Healthcare

COVID-19 vaccination record queries

RCOG COVID-19 pregnancy and women's health

COVID-19 Anaphylaxis UK

Insights Platform from NHS England and NHS Improvement




Derby and Derbyshire ICB

Derby and Derbyshire ICB

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