Grey, Red, Green
Decision Date:
October 2022


GREEN: Twice daily MR preparations. MR preparations to be prescribed by brand (Zomorph most cost effective).

GREY: Once daily MR preparation - MXL. Reserved for use when twice daily MR preparations are not appropriate. (Decision date - March 2018)  

GREY: Morphine orodispersible - For exceptional use where risk assessment indicates. (Decision date - August/October 2022)

  • risk of harm to self or through confusion
  • chronic pain and at risk of intentional overdose (e.g. depression, EUPD)
  • pain/palliative care and at risk of unintentional overdose (dementia, Alzheimer’s)
  • additional patient factors e.g. poor manual dexterity

RED: Morphine 100microg/ml oral solution and Morphine 500microg/ml oral solution - For Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). (Decision date - March 2024)

Grey Drug Classifications

  • 4: Lack of data on cost-effectiveness compared with standard therapy
  • 5: Less cost-effective than current standard therapy

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