Green, Green - after consultant/specialist recommendation
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  • Testosterone Gel
  • For low sexual desire in postmenopausal women.
  • See JAPC Menopause guideline for further details. (Decision date - December 2022)

GREEN after consultant/specialist recommendation: for male hypogonadism (e.g. Nebido, Sustanon and testosterone gels) 

MHRA January 2023: Topical testosterone (Testogel): risk of harm to children following accidental exposure. Premature puberty and genital enlargement have been reported in children who were in close physical contact with an adult using topical testosterone and who were repeatedly accidentally exposed to this medicine. To reduce these risks, advise patients to wash their hands after application of topical testosterone, cover the application site with clothing once the product has dried, and wash the application site before physical contact with another adult or child.

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