Joint Area Prescribing Committee

JAPC Terms of Reference (ToR)    JAPC Stakeholder Map

The Joint Area Prescribing Committee is a group with NHS representation from primary and secondary care across the Derbyshire Health Community. Its purpose is to manage the entry of new medicines and prescribable medical devices into the NHS, develop prescribing guidelines and develop and maintain a locally agreed formulary.

JAPC Meeting Dates

JAPC Submission and meeting dates for the calender year.

JAPC Agenda Items

Regular Agenda items for JAPC. 

JAPC Traffic Light Classification Criteria

How are drugs classified under the Derbyshire Traffic Light system? Why are some medicines not classified? Find out why not all medicines are classified in the Traffic Light system. 

Prescribing Specification version 1 - April 2023 to March 2024

The prescribing specification forms a part of the healthcare services contract the ICBs have with provider organisations.

New Drug/Prescribable Medical Devices Review

How are drugs assessed? How are medical devices and appliances classified? 

Principles to determine traffic light classification for medical devices and appliances

How do JAPC determine a traffic light classification for medical devices and appliances which may be prescribed on an FP10?

NICE - National Instituate for Health and Care Excellence

How are drugs/treatments approved by NICE included in local guidance (i.e. from national to local)? 

Appeals Process

How can a clinician appeal against a decision made by JAPC? 


What happens to the outcomes of JAPC decisions? 

Horizon Scanning

This is the process undertaken by JAPC to identify which new drugs/treatments will be launched in the next financial year.


For Individual Funding Request (IFR) please see the Clinical Policies website under Governance Policies



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