BNF 2 Cardiovascular System

Formulary Last Updated
Cardiovascular System February 2024

Prescribing Guidelines for BNF 2 Cardiovascular System

Prescribing Guideline Last Updated Review Date
ACS dual antiplatelet guideline February 2022 January 2025
Anticoagulation (oral) guideline with warfarin February 2023 January 2026
Atrial Fibrillation February 2022 January 2025
Heart Failure April 2022 March 2025
Hypertension (diagnosed with ABPM) January 2023 December 2025
Hypotension, Orthostatic - Advisory guidance on the prescribing of midodrine March 2023 February 2026
Lipid modification - Familial Hypercholesterolaemia November 2023 October 2026
Lipid modification - Non FH May 2024 April 2027
Low Molecular Weight Heparin prescribing (Enoxaparin and Tinzaparin) March 2024 February 2027

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