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See the Chapter 4 CNS page for JAPC clinical guidelines on pain - including;

  • Deprescribing and safer prescribing of strong opioids in non malignant pain
  • Opioids - choice of strong opioids for cancer pain


The Opioid Resource Pack brings together a number of resources clinicians can use to support the appropriate use and review of opioids used for chronic pain. The information included refers to the management of adult patients although some principles may also apply to use in older children.

The information in the resource pack does not apply to palliative care and end of life care where use of opioids should follow the World Health Organisation (WHO) pain ladder and relevant guidance.

Document Last updated Review date

JAPC Opioid Resource Pack - Currently under review

 July 2020  June 2023

Resource to support Opioid Tapering in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain in Adults

 June 2023  May 2026  

Opioid Prescribing Quality Improvement Toolkit for Primary Care

November 2023  N/A  

Clinical system searches to support QI opioid toolkit

 June 2023  N/A  

Repeat prescribing minimum standards for opioids

 August 2023  July 2026  

Let's Live Well With Pain Course implementation and facilitation guides - Health Innovation East Midlands

 N/A  N/A  

Improving the management of non cancer pain – reducing harm from opioids - Health Innovation East Midlands

 N/A  N/A  

Pain Management information and resources for patients - Joined Up Care Derbyshire

 N/A  N/A  


The following appendices are taken from the JAPC Opioid Resource Pack to allow clinicians easier access to patient information resources.

 Appendices  Last updated  Review date
 Appendix 2 - What to Discuss with the Patient When Considering Opioid Treatment  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 3 - Ten Footsteps Patient Information Leaflet  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 4 - About Pain Patient Information Leaflet  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 5 - Thinking About Opioid Treatment for Pain Patient Information Leaflet  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 6 - Pain Diary  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 7 - Opioid Management Plan: Treatment Agreement  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 8 - Taking Opioids for Pain Patient Information Leaflet  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 9 - Driving and Pain Patient Information Leaflet  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 10 - Letter Inviting Patients for Review  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 11 - Letter suggesting Drug Holiday  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 12 - Letter suggesting review of Tramadol due to Serotonin Syndrome Risk  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 13 - Opioid Policy - New Patients  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 14 - Opioid Policy - Issuing Prescriptions  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 15 - Approximate Equi-analgesic Potencies of Opioids  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 16 - CQC and NHSE Checklist for Safer Use of Oxycodone Medicines  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 17 - CQC and NHSE Checklist for Safer Use of Fentanyl and Buprenorphine CD Transdermal Patches  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 18 - MHRA Fentanyl Skin Patches Patient Information Leaflet  July 2020  June 2023
 Appendix 19 - Preparation for Dose Reduction  July 2020  June 2023


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