Out of Area Shared Care Guidelines

Below are shared care guidelines which have been produced by out of area hospitals/ICBs. The JAPC have agreed to host these on the Derbyshire Medicines Management website for ease of access. If you have any queries regarding the content please contact the relevant clinician as outlined in the SCG.

Stepping Hill Hospital

Title Review Date
Azathioprine for RA October 2019
Ciclosporin for RA
October 2019
Hydroxychloroquine for RA October 2019
Leflunomide for RA October 2019
Methotrexate (oral) for RA
October 2019
Sodium Aurotiomalate for RA October 2019
Sulfasalzine for RA October 2019


Sheffield Out of Area SCG

Sheffield Shared Care Guidelines can be found here for practices on the border in North Derbyshire .

Derby and Derbyshire ICB

Derby and Derbyshire ICB

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