Clinical Policies Advisory Group

Clinical Policies Advisory Group (CPAG) is a strategic, local decision-making committee, with responsibility for promoting appropriate, safe, rational and cost-effective clinical policies to be used across Derbyshire.

The Committee has delegated responsibility from Derby and Derbyshire CCG with representation from committee members of the board and has formal links to the East Midlands Affiliated Commissioning Committee (EMACC) and the Joint Area Prescribing Committee (JAPC).


The Committee meets monthly to update policies.  When decisions / amendments are made, these will be routinely updated on the website within 2 weeks of approval.

CPAG Meeting Dates
CPAG meeting dates for the calender year. For more details please click the link.

CPAG Terms of Reference (TOR)
CPAG Terms of Reference. To be updated April 2019.

CPAG Declaration of interest
Declaration of interest form for CPAG members. For more details please click the link.

Derby and Derbyshire CCG

Derby and Derbyshire CCG