Clinical Policies Advisory Group

CPAG ("The Committee”) is a strategic, local decision-making committee, with responsibility for promoting appropriate, safe, rational and cost-effective clinical policies to be used across Derby & Derbyshire.

The Committee is accountable to the Clinical and Lay Commissioning Committee of Derby and Derbyshire CCG ("the CCG”) with representation from governing body members. There is an expectation that recommendations made by CPAG will usually be implemented. The Committee has no delegated responsibility for resource allocation. If resource allocation is required then the committee will refer the matter on to the Derby and Derbyshire Financial Recovery Group.

The Committee will also have formal links to the East Midlands Affiliated Commissioning Committee (EMACC) and the Joint Area Prescribing Committee (JAPC). One member of CPAG represents Derbyshire at EMACC.

The committee meets monthly to update policies. When decisions / amendments are made, these will be ratified by the Clinical and Lay Commissioning Committee. Once policies are ratified these will be added to the website within 2 weeks of approval.

CPAG Meeting 2020 Dates

CPAG Meeting 2021 Dates

COVID-19 Interim CPAG Terms of Reference (ToR)

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic an interim CPAG ToR has been devised to ensure continuity of CPAG meetings during these extraordinary times. The increased pressures that are currently being experienced by the CCG and providers has necessitated the need to temporarily modify existing arrangements for the running of CPAG meetings and the work-up behind the review/production of clinical policies.


CPAG Terms of Reference (ToR)

CPAG Stakeholder Map

CPAG Declaration of Interest


Derby and Derbyshire CPAG Policy Specification

The CPAG Policy Specification forms part of the healthcare services contract that the CCG has with provider organisations.  The purpose of the specification is to outline the role and responsibilities of our providers in ensuring that there is:

  • Transparent and collaborative approach to safe and effective commissioning of procedures
  • Seamless care of patients between NHS organisations
  • High quality treatment


NICE Interventional Procedures Guidance (IPGs) Business Case Template
NICE Interventional Procedures Guidance (IPGs), Medical Technologies Guidance (MTGs), Diagnostics Guidance (DGs) and MedTech Innovation Briefing (MIBs) Business Case Template. For more details please click the link.


Clinical Policies Appeal Process

An appeal of a decision by CPAG can be made at the request of a NHS clinician if either:
1. Due process was not followed and/or
2. Not all relevant significant evidence was considered at the time of the decision.

All appeals should be made to the CPAG Chair in the first instance. Appeals should be sent to and marked for the attention of the Chair of CPAG.

For the full Clinical Policies Appeal Process please click the link.

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