Traffic Light Classification


Recent Traffic Light Classifications are determined by the Derbyshire Joint Area Prescribing Committee (JAPC). It's purpose is to manage the entry of new medicines and some prescribable medical devices into local formulary.

JAPC Traffic light classification criteria

How are drugs classified under the Derbyshire Traffic Light system? Why are some medicines not classified? Find out why not all medicines are classified in the Traffic Light system.

Do Not Prescribe (DNP) Drugs Policy

The Do Not Prescribe (DNP) Drugs Policy is a brief to provide GPs with an overview of how to deal with requests to prescribe a DNP drug and dealing with patients already on treatment.

Out of area TLC prescribing requests

The Derbyshire JAPC recognises formulary differences between Derbyshire CCGs and other commissioning organisations. To guide prescribers an 'out of area' guidance has been produced to help deal with these types of requests.


Medicines not included in the traffic lights

It is not possible to classify all medicines listed in the BNF within the Derbyshire JAPC traffic light formulary. If a medicine is not listed on the traffic light system then advice should be sought from the Medicines Management Team and prescribing of these will be at the discretion of individual NHS Trusts and/or GP.

Drugs not listed in the BNF

For example herbal medicines and homeopathy

Drugs not yet classified

The traffic light database contains new drug launches and new formulations which Derbyshire JAPC does not consider appropriate for inclusion into the local formulary. These are medicines awaiting national or local evidence submissions.

The below information is a summary, please see the Derbyshire JAPC traffic light classification criteria for full details.



Do Not Prescribe (DNP)

Not recommended or commissioned*. This may include drugs, treatments or medical devices.

For patients that are already on the medicine/treatment/medical device prior to the DNP classification, this should not be withdrawn abruptly from patients, but should be continued until the next clinical review where their NHS clinician will decide whether it is appropriate to switch or stop treatment or submit an individual funding request if in exceptional circumstances on-going prescribing is considered clinically appropriate.

*Clinicians should submit an individual funding request, and await a positive outcome, before initiation of treatment for a DNP medicine/treatment/medical device for NHS prescribing.


JAPC does not recommend for use except in exceptional circumstances.


Considered suitable for a consultant or specialist, usually within a secondary or tertiary care services, to initiate and continue prescribing.


Initiated in secondary care or other specialist setting but are suitable for GPs to continue on-going prescribing under a shared care protocol, once the patient has been stabilised or dose predictable.


Regarded as suitable for primary care prescribing.

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